Customized ready-to-use marketing plan


Marketing is such a big area, that you can easily loose the clear view. That is why there exist marketing plans to support your business strategy. 

We put it all together for you and provide you with very simple and practicable action steps. The best marketing activities for your business, your individual goals and your budget. This will guide you for the next months and you don't have to worry about all the options out there anymore. 

Based on a fundamental analysis of your business, your industry and your customers we provide you with simple action steps for a consistent walk towards your goal. 

  1. Internal Analysis: strengths and weaknesses of your business
  2. External analysis: opportunities and threats in your industry
  3. Targeting: who are your customer segments
  4. Your 7 P's to streamline everything towards one goal
    • Product/ service: what is/ should be your key offer?
    • Place: where does/ should your effort take place?
    • Price: how much do/ should you charge?
    • People: who is part of your value creation and how should they behave?
    • Process: how to modify the chain of activities for the best customer experience?
    • Physical evidence: how to prove your service is great?
    • Promotions: what marketing activities on which channels can you do to accomplish your goal?
  5. Marketing campaign planning including a marketing calendar and creative content